Internet Hits of the Week – 02-23-19

You Don’t Have to Have a Well-Formed Opinion on Everything – The way of wisdom means recognizing our limitations—both the limits on our knowledge and also the limits on our ability to affect change in the world. The way of wisdom frees us from having to have a well-formed opinion on every hot-button issue of the day. We can always say, no matter how surprising or unpopular, “I don’t know what I think about that.” – Trevin Wax

Is Boasting on Social Media a Sin? – Ask yourself if what you’re about to share will please God. If it will, then ask yourself other questions: Is this showing love toward my neighbor? Will it encourage them, challenge them, provide something of value, or deepen a relationship? The big idea is that for Christians, our focus should be external: toward God and toward our neighbor. – Nathan W. Bingham

5 Myths about Atheism – We should admit up front that there are some decent reasons a person might have for being an atheist, and we should be careful not to casually dismiss these reasons. To be sure, not every atheist actually has these reasons in mind, but such reasons exist and we should take them seriously. – Mitch Stokes

Never Harmless, Never Private, Never Safe – Pornography is not a simple guilty pleasure. If we continue pleasing ourselves with it, it will take everything from us. Pornography may cost us Christ and everything he died to give us: forgiveness, freedom, life, hope, peace, and joy. Pornography quietly kidnaps millions and leads them to conscious, never-ending agony, away from God and the glory of being found with him. It enslaves men and women, starving them day after day and never feeding them a full meal, until they’re lost and hungry forever. – Marshall Segal


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