Internet Hits of the Week – 03-02-19

30 Suggestions for Theological Students and Young Theologians – Be generous with your resources. Spend time talking to students, prospective students, and inquirers. Give away books and articles. Don’t be tightfisted when it comes to copyrighted materials; grant copy permission to anybody who asks for it. Ministry first, money second. – John Frame

Famous Christian Quotes . . . That Aren’t Real – As someone who has sometimes passed along “fake quotes” without knowing it, I’ve started a collection so that others will know about them and stop spreading them. (Thomas Kidd offers a good suggestion for figuring out if a quote is real before passing it on.) – Trevin Wax

“Battle for the Minds” at Southern Seminary – The story of Southern Seminary’s recovery from theological liberalism is well-known at this point, but this documentary is not a sympathetic look at that recovery. In fact, the producers would not have viewed it as a “recovery” at all but as a regression. The documentary focuses on the debate over women in ministry, but through the course of the video it becomes clear that the issues were much deeper. At heart, the debate was about biblical authority, which had been shunned by many on the faculty at that time. – Denny Burk

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