Movie Review – Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Logic on Fire is a documentary chronicling the life of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones.   Jones was considered one of the greatest expository preachers of the twentieth century, a man who breathed new life into British Evangelicalism.  He was trained as a medical doctor but soon after was converted by the gospel. His passion to serve and help others soon led him into gospel ministry.   He was convinced what would glorify Christ the most and lead sinners to repentance was the Word of God rightfully preached. He shunned some of the more manipulative and emotional techniques used by others of his day and simply stuck to preaching Scripture book by book and line by line.  Though he was not given to emotionalism, his messages were marked by passion and a desire for genuine revival.

In less than two hours, his entire life is covered giving many different facets of his life I did not know before.  Mrs. Jones (his wife) was actually converted years in his ministry. Though she grew up in a religious home, she had never heard the gospel.  She actually lamented that fact that she was such a “good person” because that kept her from seeing her need for Christ. It was also interesting to learn that this nerdish scholar who would wear a shirt and tie even to the beach, would often be found in front of a television watching professional wrestling with his grandchildren.

The documentary features modern-day theologians and preachers discussing his impact on their lives and also features friends and family members who knew him best.  It is well worth your time to learn more about this preacher’s preacher and his great desire to make the Word of God known to all.

Currently the documentary is available for free through Amazon Prime.


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