Internet Hits of the Week – 03-16-19

Southern Baptists and the Scandal of Church Sexual Abuse – All rape and sexual exploitation is evil and unjust. Sexual abuse is not only sin but also a crime. All of it should be prosecuted in the civil arena, and all of it will be brought before the tribunal of the Judgment Seat of Christ. But nothing is worse than the use of the name of Jesus to prey on the vulnerable, or to use the name of Jesus to cover up such crimes. The issue of predators in the church is not a secondary issue, on which churches should brush up merely because of the cultural moment. This is a primary issue, one that Jesus himself warned us about from the very beginning. The church is a flock, he told us, vulnerable to prey. That’s why, he said, the church would need shepherds who would know both how to feed the flock with the Word of God and also to protect the flock from predators who would tear them apart (Jn. 10:10-14). – Russell Moore

Why My 15 Year-Old Son Still Has A Flip Phone – So, am I choosing to shelter my child? Yes! Am I being overprotective? I don’t think I am. Between the ages of 12-18 I am spending a strategic amount of time with this son I’ve been given – specifically to prepare him for the battle he will face as an adult. Just as I wouldn’t send a 15-year-old boy into a physical battlefield without proper training, so I would not think it wise to send a boy into a sexual battlefield without specific training. This type of training takes time. – Josh Teis

Behold Our God: Backstory – Lyrics – Video – My biggest takeaway from seeing the song spread is NOT that I and the Baird’s are great songwriters. Far from it. I’ve written enough lousy songs to know that I don’t offer anything special.  Rather, the conclusion I’ve come to is that people are starving for the glory of God. They want preaching and writing and music that points them to the staggering, stunning, absolutely beautiful character of God. Because of this, songs and sermons and books that point to God’s glory will deeply resonate with people. – Stephen Altrogge

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