This and That 07-20-19

Oops! 10 Funny Distractions Pastors Faced While Preaching on Sunday – My wife went into labor in the middle of my sermon. Apparently, she tried to hold out until the end but then the senior pastor came up and said to me, “I think it’s time to go.” – Ed Stetzer

8 Ways to Help Depressed Christians – Don’t assume that depression has been caused by specific personal sin. That is a common reaction depressed people find in the church. You get cancer, or you get heart disease, and no one asks, “What did you do wrong?” You get depression, and they ask, “Who sinned, this man or his parents?” – David Murray

7 Lessons About Legalism – Legalism is godless because it replaces a personal God with impersonal rules and demands. This explains why legalists don’t want you to seek the Lord’s will, but instead just do what they demand. – Mark Driscoll

Where is the Next Billy Graham? – Jesus will build his church, with us or without us. But if we are going to be faithful to him, we must share his mission. This means we don’t just talk about lost people; we talk to them. And we don’t talk to them as enlightened life-coaches promising an improved future, but as crucified sinners offering a new birth. The hope for the future is not that Christianity will be seen as more respectable or more influential in the sectors of American power. The hope for the future is churches filled with people who never thought they fit the image of “Christian.” – Russell Moore

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