This and That – 10-25-19

12 Things Pastors Should Not Do – Don’t build your church into one man… Share the preaching load. A senior pastor may preach a lot of the time or most of the time, but let others preach. Let others teach classes. Make it your goal that if you were to suddenly die the church would go on without a hitch. Try to develop a team of pastors. Have an advisory board. Everyone in the church has different gifts. Encourage your people to use their gifts. – Mark Altrogge

Five-Fold Trust While In Transition – The truth of the matter is that it is good, necessary and wise to plan but we need to make sure that our plans line up with the plan that God has for us and if our plans do not line up then we need to do away with our plans. – Deryk Hayes

The Scandal of Gospel Inclusivity – Like every other religious claim, Christianity is exclusive. But it’s the most inclusive exclusivism there ever was. – JD Greer

What can happen when a transgender child transitions – How have we come to the place as a society that the recommended medical treatment for a gender dysphoric child means destroying a healthy body to conform it to a gender-confused mind? Why not conform the gender-confused mind to the healthy body? The transgender propagandists have no good answers to those questions. And the reason is that there are no good answers to those questions. – Denny Burk

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