God Wins: The Message of the Book of Revelation

By Ray Jewell

A few weeks ago I asked people what I should write about next in my blog, Ray’s Ramblings. My high school friend, Jon Warner, suggested the book of Revelation. My wife, rightly so, told Jon that was like saying “sic em” to a dog.

I have studied the book of Revelation for a very long time. One of the main influences, other than the Holy Spirit and the text of Revelation itself, has been Dr. Robert Lowery, the late Professor of New Testament studies at Lincoln Christian University. The introductory stuff I will share over the next few days is gleaned from Dr. Lowery’s excellent book, Revelation’s Rhapsody: Listening to the Lyrics of the Lamb (How to Read the Book of Revelation).

I suppose I should reiterate my assumptions about the book of Revelation and that elusive thing called Eschatology. The word simply means the end times, something that, I believe, has been in motion since the first advent of Jesus Christ, especially in His death and resurrection.

The best phrase that describes my view is this, already/not yet. Most of what is described in this book has already happened or is happening now in what the Bible refers to as Heaven. Much of what happens in the book of Revelation needs to be interpreted in light of its biblical, historical, cultural, and literary context. Many will disagree with my thoughts, and that is okay. If you want to disagree and want to get in to a discussion about that, we can do that. Just be civil as we study this book again.

This should be fun.

Until next time,


Ray Jewell is the co-host of the Basic Bible Podcast and has served Christ as a pastor, college professor, school teacher, author, talk radio host, and through various other roles.

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