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Don’t Threaten the Church – I’m certainly hopeful that Mayor de Blasio simply misspoke in a moment of frustration. Otherwise, he is demonstrating a massive lack of knowledge in relation to one of the minority groups found in his city. Throughout history, Christians have been found to be good citizens who desire to obey governmental authorities…up to a specific point. However, when governmental authority indicates a willingness to prohibit us from following our faith permanently, they will soon see that true Christians are not so easily persuaded and controlled. – Josh Teis

God Doesn’t Want Us to Sacrifice the Old – That means we must listen to medical experts, and do everything possible to avoid the catastrophe we see right now in Italy and elsewhere. We must get back to work, get the economy back on its feet, but we can only do that when doing so will not kill the vulnerable and overwhelm our hospitals, our doctors, our nurses, and our communities. – Russell Moore

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