Episode 190 – The Christian and Sports

This week’s podcast features one of my favorite authors and podcasters, Ted Kluck. You can hear Ted on the Happy Rant and Gut Check podcasts or drop by his classroom at Union University in Tennessee. Last year he was gracious enough to zoom into my classroom for a virtual chapel interview. We are talking about one of Ted’s favorite topics – sports. Here not only his sage advice, but you can hear about my run-in with NFL superstar Tom Brady and my short career as an assistant soccer coach.

Recommended Resources:

The Extraordinary Life of a Mediocre Jock: God, I’ll Do Anything – Just Make Me Awesome by Ted Kluck 
The Bride(zilla) of Christ: What to Do When God’s People Hurt God’s People by Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin
Hello, I Love You: Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood by Ted Kluck

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