Reining in Ray – Quarantine Edition


Its been awhile since we’ve done in Reigning in Ray! We’re back. So listen in as Ray and chat about life under quarantine including Ray’s new Broadway play and Kevin’s blurb for a yet-to-be-published book.

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Reining in Ray – Thanksgiving and Health


I apologize in advance for what Ray assumed would be a “boring” episode… But I think we covered some important topics concerning not just thankfulness but health and the need for fellowship.

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Reining in Ray Conference Lectures

In out last episode of Reining in Ray (you can find it here), Ray and I chatted about two different conferences we attended.  Recently, the messages from these conferences have been posted, so I thought I would share them with you.


Lincoln Christian University Seminary Lectureship with Dr. Jeffrey P. Bishop

Seminary Lecture 1: Technology and the Body
Seminary Lecture 2: Technology and the Moral Imaginary
Seminary Lecture 3: Technology, Practices, and Divine Worship


Church and Culture Conference on Forgiveness with Dr. Chris Brauns

Conference Videos