Reining in Ray


Reining in Ray is a spin-off podcast where Ray Jewell and I take your questions about anything.  When we say anything, we means ANYTHING!  Topics range from the political, theological and downright absurd.  Look for new episodes each month.  If you would like to suggest a topic or question for us to chat about, either join our Facebook group, send us a Tweet or e-mail us.

Reining in Ray – Pro-Life Animals with Belly Buttons

Here’s another Reining in Ray where we answer your questions. This week we’re covering such topics as what makes humans different from animals, single issue voting and a question about the human anatomy. Share this with your friends!

Reining in Ray – Racism and Ravioli

In this edition of Reining in Ray we continue answering your questions! This month features questions concerning racism, food and mental health.

Reining in Ray 12 – Educating the Church on Pizza

We’re back answering your questions. This month we’re covering everything from the Trinity to our particular food likes and dislikes.

Its been awhile since we’ve done in Reigning in Ray! We’re back. So listen in as Ray and chat about life under quarantine including Ray’s new Broadway play and Kevin’s blurb for a yet-to-be-published book.

Reining in Ray 10 – Thankful for Health

I apologize in advance for what Ray assumed would be a “boring” episode… But I think we covered some important topics concerning not just thankfulness but health and the need for fellowship.

Reining in Ray 09 – Ray the Preacher Man

In this month’s Reining in Ray we are once again hanging out in Mocha Moment sitting by the fireside in some pretty comfy chairs. This time we’re chatting about preaching. I ask Ray to talk about his first sermon and we end things off talking about what drives us nuts about some modern preaching.

Reining in Ray 08 – Doubts, Romance and Abe Lincoln

In this episode Ray and I are back on the road with all the background noise to prove it… Ray and I traveled back to Lincoln Christian University where we were able to record a few interviews and tour a really cool Abraham Lincoln museum.

Reining in Ray 07 – Ronald RAYgen

In this July episode, Ray and I travel down to Eureka College and Dixon, IL to visit some of former stomping grounds of our 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Ray and I are chatting in the car about Reagan and few other of our favorite presidents of the past.

Reining in Ray 06 – Trump, Prayers, Crackers and Ice Cream

Ray and I chat about the recent kerfuffle about David Platt and Donald Trump, then talk about the idea of “thoughts and prayers” concerning the latest mass shooting and then we end the program talking about a truly bizarre dessert enjoyed by the Jewell family.

Reining in Ray 05 – Roadtripping with Ray

In this edition of Reining in Ray, Ray and I talk about our recent road trips. Actually, this podcast was recorded in the car, so you’ll hear my muffler and a few road noises. (Shout out to Fearnside’s Fix All) First, we drove down to Lincoln Christian University for a seminary lectureship on Technology, Transhumanism and Morality. This is also the college Ray spent quite some time at. In that same week, Ray and I headed north to Memorial Baptist Church in Verona, WI for a conference on forgiveness with Pastor Chris Brauns.

Reining in Ray 04 – Random Ray

In this episode of Reining in Ray, I throw out some random questions like name three people you want on your zombie apocalypse team and name an item on your bucket list. Joining us for the first time ever is my oldest son, Tony. You’ll hear a little bit of background noise as we recorded at the Mocha Moment coffee shop in Janesville, WI.

Reining in Ray 03 – An Interview with Santa

It’s Christmas time and who better to have on the podcast than Santa himself! In this edition of Reining in Ray, Ray and chat about Christmas traditions and how Christian families should address Santa Claus.

Kevin Thompson and Ray Jewell

This is our second installment of Reining in Ray – the spin-off podcast where Ray Jewell and I discuss questions submitted by you the listener. This month we chat about Thanksgiving and how to get along with those who disagree with you politically. We also get into topics like social justice and angels dancing on pins.

Reining in Ray 01 – Kavanaugh, Cafes, and Commentaries

Sat Oct 13 2018 (40:17)

Kevin Thompson and Ray Jewell

This is our first attempt at a new monthly feature we’re calling Reining in Ray. This podcast will feature Ray Jewell and I commenting on the questions and topics you the listeners have submitted. No subjects are off limits! In this trial run, we discuss the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, my idea of a theologically-themed restaurant and a question about Bible commentaries.