Episode 108 – Misused Bible Verses, Part 1


This week Ray Jewell and I begin a series on some of the most misused and misapplied verses in all the Bible. We are basing our list off the book, The Most Misused Verses in the Bible: Surprising Ways God’s Word Is Misunderstood by Eric J. Bargerhuff. This week we kick things off with a discussion on what the Bible says about judging.

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The Most Misused Verses in the Bible: Surprising Ways God’s Word Is Misunderstood by Eric J. Bargerhuff

Episode 107 – Why are Protestant Bibles Smaller?


Have you ever noticed that Catholic or Orthodox Bibles have more books in them than your’s may have? Why is that? Where did these other books come from and why do Evangelicals leave them out? Joining us on the podcast this week is Steve Christie, author of the book Why Protestant Bibles are Smaller: A Defense of the Protestant Old Testament Canon.

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Why Protestant Bibles are Smaller: A Defense of the Protestant Old Testament Canon by Steve Christie
Not Really “Of” Us: Why Do Children of Christian Parents Abandon the Faith? by Steve Christie
Steve’s Website


The Bible Above Other Books

I’ve been thinking about books a lot lately. Those who know me well know that this isn’t something new. I love to read. Sometimes I am into reading (and writing) Christian fiction, sometimes I like to get heavily into theological treatises and biblical studies (again writing along those lines)..

Books are important to me. But as I reflect on books, I look back at my life and see a couple of different ways I have viewed books in the past. There have been times in my life when collecting books was a source of pride. My library (sort of a gaudy way to look at books) exhibited to the world and my friends how smart I was. In reality, I just had a lot of books that maybe never got opened.

There was a point in my life where books would just collect dust until it was time to move, then they become one heavy box after another. Or books became simply textbooks needed for another class toward another degree.

The point of this little diatribe is that books can become meaningless if they are treated as a trophy that never gets opened and used to enhance my life, not my ego, but something that truly makes me a better person.

The Bible can be used in the same way in spades. For too much of my life, my collection of Bibles would just gather dust. Or it became a way for me to show off my intelligence about the 66 books that lie therein.

The Bible, viewed properly, should never be used for the purpose of pride. It should never be used to justify my theological position on some matter. Rather, it should be used to introduce me and us to the Author of the Bible, God Himself. And, in that knowing, I am, and others are, changed, transformed. Yet,, in this case, the real transformation comes when the Author of this sacred book invades our very being.

So, I resolve never to use the Bible in any way contrary to its purpose in my life, in my study, in my daily walk with the Author. And this is done best in the context of community, not in some ivory tower intellectual way, or in some touchy, feely, emotional way; but in the way that leads me to the foot of the cross and beyond, in communion with God and in community with each other.

Ray Jewell is a frequent co-host on the Basic Bible Podcast, the director of the Janesville Community Center, teacher at Rock County Christian School and the author of the Ray’s Rambling Blog.

Episode 78 – Judging


If there is anything we know about the life of Jesus is that He never judged anyone and as His followers we too are never to judge anyone. At least this is what so many seem to believe. However, when we look at what Scripture actually says and what Jesus in particular commanded us to do, you might be a bit surprised. So, you will want to listen to this episode! Joining me this week is Doug Shaw of Forthright Ministries International. Doug will also share about an exciting new project his ministry is beginning to tackle.

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7 Signs That You’re “Judging” Others by J.D. Greear
The Biblical Necessity of Judging Others By David E. Prince
Judge Not, That You May Judge Well by Jon Bloom
Judge Not?  What the Bible Really Says About Love by Jon Bloom

Episode 72 – The Attributes of God – The Wrath of God


We all like to bask in the love of God, but Scripture also speaks of God’s wrath. When we think of anger from a human perspective, we think of someone consumed with vengeance and ready to seek revenge. Is this the God of the Bible? Is the wrath of God ever justified? Joining us this week is Pastor Tim Johnson of the Rock Valley Chapel in Beloit, WI. You won’t want to miss this look into a very unpopular subject.

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The Attributes of God by AW Pink
Knowing God by J.I. Packer
Got Your Ticket? by Tim Johnson
Now My Eye Sees You: Unveiling an Apocalyptic Job by Tim Johnson
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards
The Wrath Of God by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
4 Problems with Downplaying God’s Wrath by Gavin Ortlund

Episode 71 – The Attributes of God – The Love of God


We’re in our 15th installment of our series on the attributes of God and we finally come to the one attribute most people associate with God – love. So, listen in as Ray Jewell joins us for an encouraging look at how not only God loves us but that how we should be a reflection of that to those around us.

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The Attributes of God by A.W. Pink
The God Who Loves by John F. MacArthur
Crazy Love by Francis Chan
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God by D. A. Carson
God’s Love by R.C. Sproul